When God Moves

I love Asbury Seminary’s new online resource, seedbed.com, not only because they are running a four-part series I wrote but also because they have a ton of resources for Wesleyan followers of Jesus, many of them free.  Look them up.  And while you’re there, I hope you’ll read what I’ve written on the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.



Depending on the translation, the word for “tabernacle” can mean a place to meet or a place that moves.  That tells us that from the very beginning there has always been a relationship between the presence of God and the journey of faith.  It also teaches us that God never meant for his tabernacle to get stuck in one place.  It was built to move when God moves, always in the direction of his promises.
” (from “When God Moves We Move.”  Read the entire article at www.seedbed.com)

Carolyn Moore

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