3 thoughts on “How to pray (when your prayer life is on the rocks)

  1. Hi Carolyn,

    Could you please tell us more about your fasting? My Bible study group is studying Acts, which talks about fasting in 13:3. As I understand it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you go 24 hours without eating. How do you do it and how do you apply it to your prayer life?



    1. Great questions, Roger. Fasting can be from food or from something else that you would count as a sacrifice (fasting from social media, for example, or from television). A food fast can be partial or full. A partial fast might be from sweets, meats, or something else that you consider a sacrifice. A full fast (going without food) can be for a meal, a day, or a longer period of time. The point of fasting — whether from food or something else — is to get yourself in closer tune with God. It frees up time for prayer; it reminds us during the day of our need for God and how nothing else can fill that voice; it is an act of obedience and worship. If you plan to fast for a longer period of time, I suggest Jentzen Franklin’s “Fasting” book as a good resource. He fasts for 21 days every year, and gives a lot of practical advice for how to fast for an extended time. He is also just plain inspirational. He believes in the power of the fast! I will post a blog on fasting next week that captures more of my “why” for fasting, so watch for that.

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