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August 2020

Profound Grace

Friends, I grieve as I offer this prophetic word: We as a country are grace-deprived. This season has exposed a sad (and I sense severe) lack of trust. We don’t

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The Four Terms

In this bonus episode, Carolyn Moore and Pierce Drake sit down to have a conversation about spiritual direction, mentoring, coaching, and spiritual parenting. Carolyn kicks us off today asking Pierce

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Cry Out.

In the wake of the national unrest in 2014, when Baltimore and Ferguson and other cities rioted, Ben Watson – pro football player and solid Christian – made a powerful

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The Spirit-Led Life

Our host Carolyn Moore and Pierce Drake sit down to reflect on the first season and discuss a question that came out of season one. They dive into looking at

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Jack Deere

Every episode has been for us a gift of great conversation with deep spiritual leaders in the Wesleyan/Arminian tradition, and we end the season with the best of the best

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Scot McKnight

It was truly an honor to have a conversation with Dr. Scot McKnight. We discovered in this world-renowned speaker, writer, and academic a deeply faithful and socially active man of

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