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Carolyn Moore

J. D. Walt

J.D. is an author, speaker, thought-leader, and is the “Sower-in-Chief” at Seedbed (and New Room). Formerly the Dean of Chapel at Asbury Theological Seminary, J.D. founded Seedbed in 2012 to

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Building Bridges

I shared these thoughts on the Mosaic Church Evans FaceBook page. If you’d rather listen than read, you can find this there. If you’d rather read than listen, here ya

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Cheryl Bridges Johns

This conversation with Cheryl Bridges Johns is rich and deep. If you haven’t found her already, you need to listen. Dr. Johns serves in the Robert E. Fisher Chair of

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Peter Bellini

Welcome to our first episode! Dr. Bellini often says: “Pentecostals don’t have a copyright on the Holy Spirit.” To which we at The Art of Holiness reply, “Amen!” In this

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Use Your Roar.

Today, I’m sharing space with Angie Suich, director of The Mosaic Center in Evans, Georgia. She combines good history with good biblical memory to give good wisdom for such a

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