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Claiming Our Inheritance

To access the power and fullness of the Holy Spirit is a choice. I think of it sort of like my computer. This little guy can do a lot. My computer can take stock of what’s in my pantry and formulate a meal for dinner. It can manage my finances, synchronize family calendars and keep track of my caloric intake. Everything I need to organize my life is in the twelve-by-fifteen inches of metal I call a computer.
So what do I use it for? Beyond surfing the net, I do little other than type words. For me, a computer is simply a glorified typewriter. All the potential goes unused for my lack of knowledge and interest in doing more.
I suspect many who believe in Jesus have that same brand of relationship with the Holy Spirit. For all the power and potential offered us at salvation, we settle for the spiritual equivalent of word processing. And maybe that’s because (like me with my computer) we just don’t know how this thing works.

Carolyn Moore

I follow Jesus.

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Holiness is at least this: a design of life that exposes us most fully to the heart of a good, loving and creative God.