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Miriam Swanson (Swaffield)

Rev. Miriam Swanson is the Global Student Mission Leader at Fusion, a student mission movement that originates in the UK but now with vision for spreading throughout the U.S. She is recently married and has relocated to Florida, where she continues to develop her vision for reaching students through Fusion. Miriam is an anointed speaker and evangelist who has shared her message of holiness and hope with thousands on college campuses and global stages. If you didn’t hear her message at New Room 2019, you owe it to yourself to take a listen. She explains holiness like few others and is a gift to the Body of Christ. It is a privilege to share with you this rich conversation with Miriam, along with our prayer that voices like hers will be impacting the Body of Christ for years to come.

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Holiness is at least this: a design of life that exposes us most fully to the heart of a good, loving and creative God.