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Dr. Tom Tanner

Dr. Tom Tanner has been part of the Riverstone family since its inception in 1999. He now leads Riverstone as the senior pastor, as well as a church-planting network called Transformation. As the long-time director of the UGA Wesley Foundation, Tom’s spiritual influence over a generation of pastors is profound,

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Dr. Steve Seamands

Dr. Steve Seamands has spoken healing, theology and prayer into countless lives over a lifetime of serving Christ. Seamands served as the Professor of Basic Christian Doctrine at Asbury Seminary for close to 40 years. In addition to that class, he taught Introduction to Spiritual Warfare, Introduction to Healing Prayer,

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Seeing God Now

Carolyn and Pierce sit down today to talk about where they are seeing God’s love poured out, Christ personified, and Holy Spirit power in action in their life today. We also get a sneak peek at some of the guests we have lined up for Season 2 (which starts next

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The Four Terms

In this bonus episode, Carolyn Moore and Pierce Drake sit down to have a conversation about spiritual direction, mentoring, coaching, and spiritual parenting. Carolyn kicks us off today asking Pierce about his journey over the last year as he has intentionally gone after those four terms above. We pray these

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The Spirit-Led Life

Our host Carolyn Moore and Pierce Drake sit down to reflect on the first season and discuss a question that came out of season one. They dive into looking at the difference of a Holy Spirit led life verses simply acknowledging that the Holy Spirit is with us but living

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