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Jorge Acevedo

Jorge Acevedo is a true elder in the church — a man of God who has poured in faithfully for more than two decades to a local faith community (Grace Church in Cape Coral, FL), while pouring into the national and even international Church and into generations of leaders who

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Bob Beckwith

The word that immediately comes to mind when talking to Bob Beckwith is fruitfulness. Bob has served as the director of the UGA Wesley Foundation since 1999. His story is one of “a long obedience in the same direction” (to quote Eugene Peterson). Staying true to his call and passion

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Helen Musick

Dr. Helen Musick has served the Kingdom of God as a pastor, seminary professor, leader of a successful recovery ministry, and a featured speaker and leader. In this conversation, she talks about the simple brilliance of the twelve steps of A.A. and how the supernatural power of God works in

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J. D. Walt

J.D. is an author, speaker, thought-leader, and is the “Sower-in-Chief” at Seedbed (and New Room). Formerly the Dean of Chapel at Asbury Theological Seminary, J.D. founded Seedbed in 2012 to begin the work of sowing for a great Awakening. He writes daily to a community of thousands via the Seedbed

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Cheryl Bridges Johns

This conversation with Cheryl Bridges Johns is rich and deep. If you haven’t found her already, you need to listen. Dr. Johns serves in the Robert E. Fisher Chair of Spiritual Renewal at Pentecostal Theological Seminary. She carries the fire of a Pentecostal and the heart of a social activist.

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