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The Rock, the Ripples and the River

My second installment on the Spirit-led life posted on seedbed today.

“Sanctification is messy!  In our community of faith, we are discovering that we get to control almost nothing in this process.  We are being led places we didn’t think we wanted to go.  We find ourselves building arks under sunny skies, trusting in what we don’t yet see. 
“But sanctification is also joyful.  As it turns out, I not only like that leader who has allowed the Holy Spirit more access to her life, I like her more.  She is still doing great things among our people, but I’m noticing that now her activity comes from a different motivation, a more peaceful and impassioned place.  She is slowly but surely being released from the tyranny of “shoulds” and “oughts” and there is a great joy in that release.
“Sanctification brings freedom.  Freedom from “doing sickness.”  Freedom from “pleasing others sickness.”  Freedom from the need to air-brush our lives into some socially-accepted image.  The Spirit-led life offers such freedom to live headlong into the values of God, to create ripples and flow in His river.”
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