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Sandra Richter
  Dr. Sandra Richter is with us for a second time, to talk about the prophetic life. Hers is a voice you want to hear on this subject. She is an internationally known Old Testament scholar, the author of the extraordinary Epic of Eden Bible study, and professor and Dean
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Pete Greig
  Pete Greig is someone we keep coming back to, because his ministry and story have so much to offer. What a great example he is of one who has given himself deeply to the work of prayer over most of a lifetime. Pete is the founder of 24-7 Prayer
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Bishop James Swanson
  Bishop James Swanson is a well-known name among Methodists. He has served as a bishop in the United Methodist Church since 2004, and travels widely sharing love and Jesus as a charismatic and prophetic preacher of the Word. In this conversation, he shares his own story of being raised
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Carol Ward
  Carol Ward has a unique call on her life, to “go where no one wants to go.” That call has sent her into some of the darkest places in the world, including war-torn regions of Uganda and South Sudan, where she shares love with those who feel most forgotten.
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Finally, Carolyn is in the hotseat!
  This is the episode where Art of Holiness (aka, Pierce and Carolyn) get to chat about Carolyn new book When Women Lead. And this is where we discovered that even if a person writes the book, they still find it hard to talk about the book! So listen to
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Rev. Dr. Jo Ann Lyon
  Rev. Dr. Jo Anne Lyon is General Superintendent Emerita of The Wesleyan Church. She serves now as The Ambassador — a position specifically created by action of the General Board of The Wesleyan Church to retain the considerable connections and influence of of Dr. Lyon. It is a great
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