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Scott Kelso

  Scott Kelso is a writer, a community organizer, and a prophet to the Church. Currently, he serves as the General Overseer of the 5 Points Greater Columbus Apostolic Network, which is an alliance of churches and ministries gathered to see the Kingdom of God established and maintained in the
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Sean Gladding

  We’ve tried with this series of interviews to focus a little more on the value of community, and that’s what led us to Sean. He was part of an intentional community in Texas, then moved to Lexington, Kentucky where he became part of another intentional community in the MLK
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Bob Garrett

  Bob Garrett is the General Coordinator for the Alleluia Community, an ecumenical, charismatic community in Augusta, Georgia. The Alleluia Community is not a church. It is an intentional community of more than 200 households seeking to help one another live lives that glorify God through the power and guidance
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Jessica LaGrone

  Jessica LaGrone is the Dean of the Chapel at Asbury Theological Seminary, where she leads an amazingly creative team of musicians, worship leaders and servants, prayer warriors, and Levites, or what I like to call holy organizers. She also teaches preaching at Asbury and has a very cool online
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Dr. Sandra Richter

 Dr. Sandra Richter is an internationally known Old Testament scholar. She is the author of the extraordinary Epic of Eden Bible study, and professor and Dean at Westmont College. Her areas of expertise include Deuteronomy, Isaiah, and ancient languages, as well as a forthcoming book on environmental theology. We tapped
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A New Season (in more ways than one)

 Well it has been a minute for The Art of Holiness Podcast and we are thrilled to be back with you all. In this episode you will hear what we have coming up on this season and what has been happening in the life of Carolyn and Pierce. Let’s just
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