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Mandy Smith

Last week, we interviewed our first Canadian. This week, we interview our first Australian. We are covering some miles, friends! Rev. Dr. Mandy Smith is the pastor of St Lucia Uniting Church in Brisbane, Australia. She is a regular contributor to Christianity Today and author of three books — The
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Gordon Smith

Our first Canadian guest, y’all! Dr. Gordon T. Smith is the president of Ambrose University and Seminary in Calgary, Alberta, where he also serves as professor of systematic and spiritual theology. He has written extensively on gifts and call, and he comes at this conversation from a deep place —
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Jeff Haanan

Jeff Haanan is the founder of The Denver Institute for Faith and Work. He has a lot to say about practicing faith in the marketplace but also about how to live and work from a deeply authentic place. He also writes for Christianity Today and is the author of two
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Dennis Edwards

This week, we talk to Dr. Dennis Edwards, an author, pastor, educator, and activity, about the fascinating topic of humlity. In his latest book, Humility Illuminated, Dr. Edwards talks about an under-processed character trait that is actually central to holy living. Dr. Edwards is associate professor of New Testament at
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Maxie Dunnam

Maxie D. Dunnam is the former president and chancellor of Asbury Theological Seminary. He is now Senior Pastor Emeritus and Executive Director of CCGlobal at Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis. Dr. Dunnam is a powerful and prolific writer, having authored more than forty books, including the Workbook of Living
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Sandra Glahn

Sandra Glahn has a PhD from the University of Texas and teaches at Dallas Theological Seminary. Her interests range widely from art, gender, sexual intimacy in marriage, first-century backgrounds as they relate to gender, bioethics … so you can see why she advocates for “thinking that transforms.” She is a
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