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Jessica LaGrone


Jessica LaGrone is the Dean of the Chapel at Asbury Theological Seminary, where she leads an amazingly creative team of musicians, worship leaders and servants, prayer warriors, and Levites, or what I like to call holy organizers. She also teaches preaching at Asbury and has a very cool online practice called Preacher’s Block, where pastors can block off time to prepare in community but without distraction. We’ll say more about that in a minute. She has written three beautiful Bible studies: Set Apart, Broken and Blessed, and Namesake. And today we’ll be talking about her latest book, Out of Chaos: How God Makes New things from the Broken Pieces of Life. But before we go to this conversation, I want to say that for both Pierce and me, Jessica is more than the sum total of her resume. She’s a wise and anchoring voice, a solid leader in the Methodist movement, and a real friend, the kind who answers texts and phone calls even though miles and time separate us. That kind of person is not so common. It is a true grace to have Jessica with us at the Art of Holiness.

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